Annual Campaign – Southern Saratoga

With your support, we’re building a stronger community one family, one child, one senior at a time.

From providing safe, welcoming care to a child whose mom has lost her job, to providing help to a father who’s survived cancer, to providing fellowship to a senior whose spouse has passed, every day, our Y is making a real difference in your community.

At this moment, there are thousands of individuals depending on us. That’s why your support is critical. To keep helping those in need in Southern Saratoga, we need your help.

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From helping infants develop trust and security, to helping pre-schoolers learn about their world to helping school-age students build confidence, and a positive view of their self worth, we help children develop into caring young adults.

More than 3,017 families benefit from membership financial assistance. Of those 535 children receive assistance for school-age childcare.


Camp is all about having fun, and so much more. It’s about trying new things, making new friends, developing confidence, and learning new skills. Most of all, it’s about teaching children he value of caring about themselves and others.

3,566 children enjoyed the Y summer camp. Of those, 370 were able to attend because of financial assistance.

Water Safety

Look for us in the pool, teaching children how to be safe in and around water. This includes providing swim lessons for children from the Mechanicville Community Center.

With our swimming program, FROG, we are able to help special needs children learn to swim. The program is open to the public and we welcome children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other physical limitations.

Teen Programs

Through programs like Youth & Government, we’re teaching students in middle and high school the value of making a positive difference in our community by working with out political system.

Our Black & Latino Achievers program is a leadership, career readiness, and college preparation program for youth. Caring mentors provide teens with exposure to diverse career options, and help them develop life skills needed to become successful in college and beyond.

Dedicated to providing a safe, health and nurturing environment for teens, our Saturday Night Live program is all about having fun and keeping children safe. Teens come to the Y to enjoy and evening filled with fun recreational games, cultural activities, art programs, community service projects and group learning.

Helping Children

A key element of our mission focuses on Social Responsibility — giving back to our community. One key way we do this is through our Running Start Program, which provides school supplies and new clothes to children in need in our community. Our efforts help children start the new school year feeling greater confidence and self-esteem because they have new school clothes of their very own — some for the first time ever.

Another program we offer to help our children is Operation Y Fit Kid. This program teaches children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Children learn about nutrition and enjoy 30 minutes of play-based activities each day that make physical activities fun.

Health and Wellness

Our Y provides a host of unique programs to help those dealing with chronic diseases.

Your donation helps our residents live healthier with the help of life-changing programs, like LIVESTRONG at the YMCA which helps cancer patients find their new normal.

Circle of Champs

This program offers help to families with a child who has a life-threatening illness. Much more that a host of fun programs and events we give families the chance to focus on fun, rather than the next doctor’s appointment.

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