Barbell Basics

Southern Saratoga YMCA

This series of clinics will teach participants the fundamental skills and techniques to properly perform the core barbell movements and their supplemental variations. Clinics are structured as interactive learning opportunities that will expand the participant?s knowledge, critique their form, and improve their movements. Week 1 will start with the squat, including hip mobility and learning to brace the core. Week 2 will cover the bench press and the importance of anatomical symmetry as well as shoulder mobility. Week 3 will introduce the deadlift and hip hinge, emphasizing the role of the hips in back support. Finally week 4 will cover the overhead press and the critical need for strong, healthy shoulders.
This series of clinics will run as a 4 week program with drop in availability. Four spaces are reserved for the full 4 week program at a cost of $65 per participant. Another four spaces will be available for participants to attend individual sessions at a cost of $18.

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Contact: Christopher Mann
14 and above
Program Dates:
01/21/17 - 02/11/17
Program Days:
Program Times:
11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Member Cost:
Non-Member Cost:

Not available for online registration. Please contact the Southern Saratoga YMCA for more information.