10 and Under Tennis

Southern Saratoga YMCA

10 and Under Tennis follows the same logic as other youth sports like baseball or soccer, which use kid-sized courts and kid-sized equipment
With 10 and Under Tennis, balls bounce lower, do not move as fast through the air and are easier to hit. Kids’ tennis racquets are sized for small hands and courts are smaller and easier to cover. By using this format, the benefits are immediate and within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. That means kids will have more fun and less frustration. They are playing real tennis and having real fun!
Located in Gym C

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5 - 10
Registration Dates:
12/07/17 - 01/23/18
Program Dates:
01/08/18 - 03/04/18
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5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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