Have you ever asked your child, ‘How was your day?’ and they respond with, ‘Good.’ You try to get more out of them by asking, ‘What did you do?’ and they answer, ‘nothing’. Well there may be a way around that! We’ve compiled a quick list of questions to ask your child that will get them talking about camp!

Tell me the best part of your day.

This will give your kids a starting point. It’s not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. They will have to think through their day and decide which is their favorite!

Can you show me something you learned or did at camp today?

This will not only get you a response, but it will give you an activity to do together! Plus, it’s great to go through everything while it’s still fresh in their minds.

What rules are different at camp than they are at home?

This is a great conversation starter. Maybe there is a camp rule that they love to follow, or really respect. You can even try to integrate it into your home life!

Who do you sit with at lunch?

Before they even realize it, they will be telling you all about their new friends.

What’s the biggest difference between camp this summer and last summer?

The summer camp experience can change with age. It’s great to see how camp is growing with your child.

What is your biggest goal this summer?

Maybe it’s to meet to friends or try something new. Talk to your child’s counselor and ask how they can help your child reach their goals!

What did you read today?

Summer camp is a great place to keep education going and can help your child avoid the ‘summer slide’.

Did anyone do anything funny today?

This is a great opportunity to laugh with your child and share a similar story.

Who did you play with today? What did you play?

This can tell you a lot about your child’s camp experience. Who they’re hanging out with and what activities they’re participating in can tell you a lot about your child’s personality. Maybe they’re spending a lot of time with a new friend playing chess. You might not know that they even enjoyed playing chess!

Tell me about the hardest part of your day.

If your child is having a problem at camp, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the situation. Our counselors are always available to talk!