Getting your child back into the swing of the school year can be hard, especially with a holiday weekend coming up. You could be torn between mentally preparing your child and letting them enjoy their last few days of freedom. To help ease the transition, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you and your child prepare!

Get their internal clocks ready

Arguably, the hardest part about going back to school is waking up early. To help adjust your child’s internal clock in advance, incrementally adjust their bed times and their wake up calls to ease them into the transition. It’s better to prepare them in advance so they don’t sleep through classes on their first day!

Create a routine

Plan your morning and afternoon routines in advance so there are no surprises. Know what time your child needs to be up in order to get ready, giving you enough time to prepare for your own workday. It can be a tricky balance, but trust me, planning in advance will help you in the future.


Once you have your routine planned, go through the motions and see if it works. Do you need more time to pack lunch? Is your child slower than you anticipated? This way, you can adjust before the big day.

Know your emergency plan

Things go wrong. Know what to do if your child gets sick or there’s an incident at school. Who will pick them up? Who will take care of them at home? These are all things to consider in advance so you’re not stuck in a bind.

Build your calendar

Mark down all of the school holidays, sporting events, and extracurricular in advance. By doing this, you will avoid double booking and stress in the future. Know the calendar. Love the calendar.

Talk to your kids

Know if your kids have any anxieties about the upcoming school year and talk it out. Are they concerned about friends? School work? By talking about it in advance, you’re setting yourself up as a go-to for advice and help when they encounter these types of problems. You’ll be able to help them through anything.