If you’re anything like me, the idea of running a 5K, or running any sort of distance, can seem extremely scary. Some people gravitate towards running as a means of exercise while others struggle with it. 5K’s are good for both experienced and beginner runners and I believe that everyone should run at least on 5K in their lifetime and here’s why:

It’s great motivation

Knowing that you have a race coming up, you are more apt to eat better and exercise more in order to prepare for the upcoming event.

It’s good for you

It’s good for your mental and physical health. Whether this 5K will kick-start your love of running, or is just something to cross off your bucket list, it’s a great way to exercise!

It’s a small commitment

5K’s don’t take long to run, so they won’t envelope your whole day. Plus, the necessary training is minimal compared to a marathon or triathlon, so training can be squeezed into your everyday life!

It’s a good starting point

5K’s seem daunting, but they really aren’t. Once you finish, you’ll realize you were scared of nothing! This can be a great way to get into more running or more 5K’s.

freihofers training challengeIt’s an excuse to travel

You don’t have to choose the 5K down the street. You can travel to Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, or Jersey for a quick 5K and day trip. It’s an excuse to get out there and visit new places!

There are so many to choose from

There are so many 5K’s throughout the year. You could choose a color run, a run for a good cause, or one with a cool theme! Here at the Y, we have two upcoming races: Trick-or-Trek 5K and the Muddy Sneakers Trail Run.

If you’re interested in running a 5K, but need a little help, check out our Couch to 5K programs!