If you’re not one of those people who is naturally in love with exercise, working out can be a bit of a challenge. What’s the secret to making exercise part of your daily routine?

Find a Plan That Works for You

Aqua Zumba ClassWorking out is not a one-size-fits-all recipe. Your body may not be able to handle excessive weight-lifting, or maybe you find the treadmill to be an extremely boring and tedious task. Define your goals and find a plan that fits your personality.

Set Realistic Goals

Start small and get bigger. Once you know what you can handle, you can adjust your goals. Nothing feels better than crossing something off of your To-Do List.

Set Ridiculous Goals

Saying you’re going to lose one hundred pounds in a month may be an extremely unrealistic goal, but by setting your sights high, you will work harder in every workout. You might just push yourself a little further everyday as you inch closer and closer to your weight-loss goal. Knowing that there’s no chance of you hitting your goal will also make it a little more fun.

Be Consistent

Once you’ve found the plan that’s right for you—stick with it. This will help you build muscle and help you fall into a routine. Making every workout feel like less and less of an inconvenience.

Make it Fun

If you’re dreading going to the gym every day, your routine won’t last. Spice up your routine by mixing up your playlist, or taking a fun new class. Ever try Aqua Zumba? Bokwa? Or Spinning? Check your local YMCA schedules for class times and instructor info!

Use the Buddy System

If you ever feel like slacking, your buddy will keep you on track. You’re less likely to skip a gym session if you have plans to go with someone else. You’re also less likely to slack off when your buddy is around. Make mini-competitions. Who can do more crunches? Who gets more laughs in Zumba class? It always helps CDYMCA Yogato have someone on your side. Need a buddy to join you at the Y? They can join through our Member Referral Program!

Get a Change of Scenery

Run outside instead of on the treadmill. Stretch outside before you go into the gym. Or, if you’re a YMCA member, your membership is good at any CDYMCA. Skip the Guilderland pool today and go ice skating in Bethlehem instead!

Ask a Professional

Sometimes all you need is someone telling you what to do. That’s why we have personal trainers! We have different trainers with different specialties to help you reach your personal goal. Plan a one-on-one session or train with a group!