A Note from a Parent

Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers

Our son started attending the Guilderland YMCA in mid-march during a very difficult time for families. This program has been critical to our family as we are both working parents. Without this program actively running at this time, we would be forced to bring our son to work with us or have one parent take a leave from work. With all of the stress of the pandemic surrounding us, it has been such a breath of fresh air for our son to be able to have somewhere to go that is sanitized, safe, and fun. It gives us, as parent’s, peace of mind knowing that he is being so well-cared for while we are able to attend to work.

We were actually quite nervous to enroll him at first as he has some special needs. We were quickly relieved as our son just absolutely loved the program at the YMCA. He bonded quickly with the staff and asked us if he could go to the YMCA forever! We know that the staff at the YMCA is special as our little guy has autism and doesn’t always do well in all settings. He requires consistency, to be busy, and high levels of trust to be successful and that is just what he has received from the staff. Josh and Austin in particular have gone out of their way to help him feel welcome and be successful while navigating this completely new environment. Our son speaks of the staff in high regard and we fully trust them with our son.

The Y has kept our son busy and he does a lot of fun special projects including making slime, baking, science projects, and more. His favorite time of the day is gym where he is able to play football and basketball. Thank you Guilderland YMCA and staff for all you do for our son.”

Support Our Better Together Fund

As the leading provider of childcare and one of the most relied upon charities in the Capital Region, this is undoubtedly the greatest need that the Capital District YMCA can fill for our community. We are working in partnership with health care providers, hospitals, state officials, and community leaders as this has been identified as a priority in this time of crisis.

You can make direct and immediate impact by donating today to our new BETTER TOGETHER FUND to keep YMCA childcare centers open, and convert YMCA branches, to provide safe, high-quality care to hundreds of children at Y program sites throughout the Capital Region, including children in grades K-5 who are currently out of school.