FAQ’s 24th Annual Anyone Can Tri Outdoor Triathlon in Memory of Chris Gleason & Kids Can Tri Too

Overall Race information

Parking: Event parking is at Kidzlodge Early Learning Center, the Southern Saratoga YMCA and across the street at the Chamber Offices (The Brick Tavern).  Please do not park at The Bentley.

Packet Pick-up: Packet pick up will be held Saturday May 5th from 9am-11am and the day of the event beginning at 7:00 am on May 6th.

Day of Registration: There is no day of registration for the Adult Triathlon. Kids are able to register day of for an additional fee.

Shirts: Shirts are only guaranteed for Adult race participants who register on or before April 18th.  Shirts may be available for those that registered after April 18th on a first come first served basis.

Kid’s Tri bold: All children will receive a youth shirt.

Check in:  All participants will need to check in the day of the race at the marked tables in front of the YMCA.  In case of bad weather check in tables will be in the lobby. Adult Tri participants will get a timing chip from ARE before going to the Safety Meeting in Gym C. Check in will begin at 6:30am.

Transition area for Outdoor Tri:  Please note there is one Transition Area this year; it will close at 7:45am. Regardless of start time, please have your bike and gear set-up prior to 7:45am in the designated area.

Safety meetings for Outdoor Tri: Safety meetings are approximately 15 minutes before your start time.  Meetings are held in Gym C at your assigned time, NOT THE POOL. The safety meeting will be approximately 5-8 minutes long. Once the meeting is completed, participants can go to the pool area for the swim via the back door of Gym C.  All information about the race will take place at that meeting.

Start time:

  • 8:00 am for the first heat of adult triathlon
    • Knowing the transition area closes at 7:45 am, please give yourself enough time to check in and set up your transition area. Remember, your safety meeting is held 15-minutes prior to the start of your heat time
  • 11:00 am for the first heat of the Kid’s Tri (safety meeting at 10:45am in Gym C)


Volunteer Check-In: Sunday morning in Community Rooms A/B.  Volunteers will be notified of assignments beforehand, but will need to check in to get any equipment needed.  Any questions on volunteering please contact Aaron Ditch at 371-2139 ext 5510 or aditch@cdymca.org

Timing Mats: Avoid them at all times, unless you are racing.  These timing mats will record times once they are walked over by someone wearing a chip.  You will hear a beep when you step on the mat.  Timing begins when you step off of the mat. You must return your chip or you will be charged.

Specific Race Information for Adult Triathlon

Order of events for Triathlon: Swim/Bike/Run

  • FOR YOUR SAFETY- NO HEADPHONES ON THE COURSE. You are on open roads and will be given directions from our volunteers. Keep the tunes for the celebration AFTER the race!
  • Swim: Swim heat times will be determined once registration for the race is closed. Heat times will be emailed to participants on Friday, May 4th .The swim is a snake swim. Each participant will enter in the shallow end of lane 8. Swimmers will start by the cue of the Aquatics Director.  This will keep the overcrowding of the lap lanes to a minimum. The swim is 350 yards which is 14 lengths of the pool at the SSYMCA.
  • Bike:  THIS COURSE IS THE SAME AS THE 2017 COURSE! See attached map for course information. There are no road closures on the bike course.  You DO NOT have the right of way. Stay safe and yield to cars. Participants must mount and dismount the bike prior to the marked mount and dismount lines. Look for orange yard signs with black directional arrows on the right side of the road. On the Shen campus, stay on the bike path to avoid speed bumps.
  • Run: Click here for the road map for course information. Look for orange yard signs with black directional arrows on the left side of the road.  Chips will be collected at the end of the run.


  • Will be posted 10-15 minutes after the last participant crosses. While you wait, please be our guest to use the YMCA facilities for a shower, a cup of coffee, or another workout.
  • Will be posted on the white board near the finish line.
  • Will be posted on the ARE website within 24 hours.
  • Kid’s Tri: all children will receive a finisher’s medal


Course Overview

  • All participants will meet in Gym C and will be lined up according to their age and heat.
  • Pool (if swimmers need noodles lifejackets, etc, all items will be located in Gym C).  Participants may not use flippers.
    • 8 and under swim is 25 yards—start in the deep end and swim one length.  They can dive in.
    • 9-13 swim is 50 yards—start in the shallow end and do 2 lengths—they cannot dive in; they can jump or sit and slide in.
    • Swim is in heats, 8 children will be swimming at one time and each has their own lane.
  • Bike course is on the Shatekon campus.
  • Run course in on Arongen campus.
  • Transition area—this is where you keep your bike and run gear.  It is part of the race course.  For the 8 and under portion parents can help, but 9-13 parents must stay on the side of the course.


Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to check in prior to the 11:15 am start time; give yourself a good half hour, if not more, for race set up. Check in at the registration table in front of the Y and get a lay of the land.  You will receive your chip (put on ankle tight enough so it won’t fall off in the pool), bib, and giveaways while they last.  Please set up your child’s transition area with their bike, shoes, etc.  Check in with our volunteer at the transition area to get the okay to set up the transition—remember, this is a race venue and adults may still be racing and not looking out for kids


  • Once the race chip is on your ankle you CANNOT walk over any timing mat!
  • This is a fun event—do what you can to make sure your child has fun.
  • Bathrooms/locker rooms—please use boys and girls locker room, or family assist locker rooms.  There are also bathrooms in the lobby.  A floor plan of the facility is included.
  • Caps, goggles, and towels are available for sale at the front desk.
  • Keep the kids warm before the start.


  • Bring 2 towels. One to stand on while drying off and one to dry off.
  • Dry off your 8 and under in the grass area outside of the pool and get them set for the bike, and then run them out to the transition area.
  • 9-13… your choice—you can’t help them, but they can have a towel set up outside of the pool on the grass area or they can have it set up in the transition area.

Transition area

  • Run bibs should be on and visible before mounting the bike
  • Helmets must be on and buckled before bikes are removed from the rack.
  • Kids must walk/run their bikes out of and into transition area. 8 and under can get help in transition.  9-13 are on their own, so make sure they know to tie shoelaces and buckle helmets.

Bike course

  • Everyone goes out to the Shatekon course.
  • Parents can stay with their kids, just stay to the right.
  • Kids who can really bike well should stay in the middle. The proper cycling terminology to use is “on your left”… you can yell that as you come up to someone to let them know you are passing.
  • 8 and under—if your child stops on the bike and cannot get started again, you may give them a push, just no further assistance.
  • Follow the signs and volunteer directions on the course.
  • Everyone should get off the bike to cross the mats into transition. 8 and under parents can help kids return their bikes back to their transition spot. Please return your bike to the bike racks.

Run course

  • Take your helmet off for the run!
  • Make sure your number is on and visible.
  • The run course will be marked for both age groups.
  • Volunteers will help direct participants.
  • Newbies and experienced—support each other—cheering is encouraged.  HAVE FUN!

Safety Requirements

  • Please do not touch other people’s gear or bikes.
  • Please stay aware in the transition area.
  • Please stay to your right when biking.
  • Please keep your number on at all times when biking and running.
  • All children must bike with a helmet.
  • There are no headphones allowed on the course.

 After the race, Stewart’s is providing sundaes!!