What to Expect: Yoga Edition

November 7, 2016

Whether you’re new to the gym or you just want to try a new class, yoga is a great way to exercise. We know it can be intimidating to walk into a new class. The following guidelines will help you understand what to expect: What to Wear There is no right or wrong way to dress

Member Spotlight: John Barr

November 4, 2016

“Yoga was my first love and that’s why I come,” 77-year-old John Barr said, sitting for an interview at the Duanesburg YMCA. It was honest the way he said it; no obligation or pressure behind his words, just happiness. “After class, you feel better than when you walked in,” he said. “So I stayed.” In

What is Move for Movember?

November 3, 2016

Sure, we know that fall is the time of facial hair—men start growing beards and mustaches in honor of No-Shave-November and Movember. What you may not know is that Movember is much more than that. What is Movember? The Movember Foundation was founded in 2003 by two men in Australia who set out to bring

Why You Should Download Our App Right Now

November 2, 2016

You can now connect with us with the swipe of your finger. That’s right! We have an app! It’s designed to make your experience as a YMCA member easier than ever. Here’s what you can do with it: Check-in to your branch using your phone With our app, you don’t need to carry around your

Halloween Safety Tips

October 31, 2016

Halloween is an exciting day—you get to dress up as a famous icon or character while collecting sugary goodness. What could be better? While you’re out there having fun tonight, be sure you’re being as safe as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Travel in pairs Whether you’re trick-or-treating with your

Meet Bobbito Garcia: The 2016 Latino Youth Conference Keynote Speaker

October 28, 2016

Bobbito Garcia is an NYC native and entrepreneur who has built an empire on passion. He’s taken his love of basketball and writing, and turned it into a career. Bobbito is a former NY Knicks/MSG Network halftime reporter, author of Where’d You Get Those? NYC’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987, radio co-host of the legendary Stretch and

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the CDYMCA

October 27, 2016

Everyone knows that the Capital District YMCA (CDYMCA) is a fitness facility. We have treadmills, weightlifting, and various fitness classes, but that’s not all we do. We’re a non-profit organization that works together with the community to create a valuable experience for all of our members and non-members. What else do we do? The CDYMCA

5 of the Best Apps for Fitness Management

October 26, 2016

Technology is everywhere. You use it to talk to your friends, check movie times, and update your status, but that’s not all it can be used for. You can use technology for more than just communication. You can use it to track your fitness progress. We know you’re busy and fitness is hard to squeeze

Gym Etiquette for Group Exercise

October 25, 2016

Group exercises classes are one of the many things that makes the Capital District YMCA (CDYMCA) so special. We have great instructors, awesome facilities, and a number of different class choices to make your exercise routine a little more fun! Like the equipment room, there is an etiquette to follow when attending a group class.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

October 24, 2016

Halloween is the best time of year. It’s a time where you laugh and scream at the same time while collecting endless amounts of candy. That part is easy. The biggest dilemma is what to wear. The costume possibilities are endless. If you’re a planner, you already have your costume ready. If you’re a procrastinator, you’re