The word ‘diet’ makes people cringe and the thought of totally uprooting your current eating habits can sounds daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! There are small steps you can take to make the process easier and more manageable. You can take it step by step, or, bite by bite!

Try Something New

Add kale to your pasta instead of spinach. Swap out olive oil for butter and branch out and try that new super food everyone is talking about. Maybe you’ll love it! Maybe you won’t. But at least you tried!

Slow Down

The faster you eat, the longer it takes your stomach to catch up. If you eat slower, your stomach will be able to tell you when it’s full quicker than it would if you were eating at a faster pace.

Speed Up

Your exercise routine that is. Start slow with a daily walk. Time yourself every day. Eventually, you’ll start walking faster and faster, speeding into a healthy lifestyle.

Taste the Rainbow

The more colorful your meal is, the more nutrients you’ll get. Pasta salad is delicious, but adding multi-colored peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, and other delicious veggies will increase its nutritional value!

Enlist your Pals

Being healthy doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s not all about choosing a salad while all of your friends are binge-ing on mozzarella sticks and nachos. Enlist your coworkers to join you for a lunchtime walk and ask your friends to go to the farmers market with you. It’s great to have a support system, and you’ll also have people to swap recipes with!

urban gardensGrow your Own Food

This is not as scary or as hard as it sounds. Start small with an herb or two and work your way up to the radishes and cucumbers. Live in a small space? Check out our tips on how to build an amazing garden in the city.

Go Green

When eating at a restaurant, choose sides that are green. Spinach will go a lot further than mashed potatoes. Plus, it’s a great addition to any meal!

Mix up Your Commute

Live close(ish) to work? Why not walk? Ride your bike? Or rollerblade? It’s a great way to kick off your morning. You’ll thank us later. Plus, May 19th is National Bike to Work Day. Maybe your coworkers will participate with you!

Try a New Group Exercise Class

When trying a new class, you’re walking into a room with a group of like-minded people. Everyone is there for the same reason—to have fun and be healthy!

Alter your Coffee Order

Coffee is a morning staple for many people. In some ways, it can be good for you, but in others, it can be impeding your progress. Lighten up on the sugar and downsize on the amount you’re drinking.