National Family Stories Month

November is National Family Stories Month and we invite you to take this opportunity to share stories with your family! We all have stories from our past that we may think are inconsequential, but our children might find super interesting! Here are some fun challenges for you to do as a family:

Tell a story about when you were your kids’ age

Kids love stories from the olden days. Compare what they’re going though now to what you went through.

Play the top song from the day you were born, then the song from the day your kids were born

Oh, how music has changed!

Host a gathering with extended family centered around storytelling

Share a list of story or memory prompts in advance so everyone comes prepared with a story or two!

Draw a picture of your favorite memory

Storytelling isn’t always done through words, it can also be done through pictures!

Have each family member choose a word at random, and each person has to tell a memory they have of that word

For example, if someone says “bear,” you have to share a story you have about a bear.

Share your stories online

The internet is forever. Let your memories live on online. Share your stories using the hashtage #YFamilyStories