Functional Fitness for Quality of Life in 30 Minutes or Less

As told by Stephanie Davis, a Personal Trainer at the Southern Saratoga YMCA

Functional fitness takes what you learn in the gym and applies it to your everyday life. Maybe you’re a carpenter who lifts heavy wood all day, or a bartender who squats all night long. Functional fitness is a way to train your muscles to excel in the situations that you face everyday – even those that you may not even consider ‘exercise’.

Tip #1Personal Training Clifton Park

Come in with a plan. If you walk into the gym, with no idea of what you want (or should) do, you will most likely spend more time not exercising to your full potential, rather than if you walk into the gym with a written (or at least well thought out) plan on how to spend your time.

Tip #2

Choose compound exercises that use more than one muscle group and more than one joint at a time. For example, start with a dead lift, followed by a bicep curl, followed by a squat to an overhead press. This one exercise works through four joints and uses muscles from your calves up to your shoulders. This not only mimics real life (functional) movement, it saves time.

Tip #3

Exercise should make you feel better. Be sure that you spend just the right amount of time doing exercises that you enjoy so that your fitness endeavors improve or add to the quality of your life.


Stephanie joined the Southern Saratoga YMCA team in September 2016, but has worked for the YMCA for over 12 years in three different states. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in General Education with a focus in business and psychology from St. John’s River State College, Florida. She is a certified Personal trainer and also teaches TRX, Spinning, and BOSU.

Ask Stephanie for help if you are new to exercise, de-conditioned, looking for quality of life improvement and maintenance.