Fitness is for everyone. Regardless of what some people may say about themselves not being the “exercise type,” fitness can be molded to fit everyone’s body.

Generally, excuses are made by people with busy lives, or by those who may not feel comfortable exercising, or maybe because they don’t believe that they are unhealthy.

The number one thing to remember is that bodies are made to move. The aches and pains, and discomfort you feel in your body now might make you disagree, but moving is among one of the best things you can do for your health. Exercise can be incorporated into your life without taking anything away. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym in order to reap benefits of exercise. You will need to make time for exercise of course but fitting in 30 minutes twice a week to begin with shouldn’t create havoc in the rest of your life.

It’s Been AwhilePersonal Training Albany

Getting back into exercise can seem daunting after a hiatus – long or short. First things first, establish a few goals for yourself. Whether it be losing a few pounds that month or registering yourself for a race! Choose something that means something to you.

Schedule your exercise week by week, or do it by the day. In a notebook, write down when you will exercise, for how long and what you will be doing.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise does not need to happen inside of a gym or using traditional gym equipment. Take your dog for a walk at a local park, go swimming, or take a dance class.

It’s Never Happened

Personal Training is a great option to choose, especially when you’re first starting to exercise. Working with a personal trainer will not only keep you motivated but will also teach you new things as well as easing your transition into exercise.

Group Exercise classes are another fantastic option for you to start with. Group classes give you the opportunity to try something new and with a group of people all doing the same thing. You also can always speak with the group instructor before the class begins and let them know you are new to the class and seeing modifications for exercises would be helpful! This lets the instructor know that throughout the class she needs to also demonstrate the exercises at a lower impact.

Time and patience is something else to keep in mind. Many times when beginners start with a workout regime they go full speed out of the gate thinking more is better. This can quickly and easily burn you out and leave you feeling tired and unmotivated to continue.

Have patience with yourself and the process to achieve your personal goals. Start with designating two to three days a week to exercise. Then after two months increase to three to four days a week. Allow yourself rest and recovery so you can progress each week!