Group exercises classes are one of the many things that makes the Capital District YMCA (CDYMCA) so special. We have great instructors, awesome facilities, and a number of different class choices to make your exercise routine a little more fun!

Like the equipment room, there is an etiquette to follow when attending a group class. Following these guidelines will not only enhance your experience, but will enhance that of the entire class.

Arrive Early

Group Exercise EtiquetteThis is important for a number of reasons. If you’re new to the class, it gives you time to explore the room, meet the instructor, and set up your space. If you’re a regular of the class, it’s still important to come early and reserve your spot, while at the same time, having the opportunity to introduce yourself to new members. Take the extra time to mentally prepare and be sure you have everything you need.

Come Prepared

While the Y you’re at will most likely be providing the necessary equipment, they may not provide water or a towel. These are vital to your success in the class. Water will keep you hydrated—whether you think you need it or not, be sure to have it. Just in case.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Depending on the type of class you’re attending, you may need to be in a certain location. If you’re the tallest person in your Zumba class, you shouldn’t stand in the front. If someone is struggling to see around you, or you keep bumping into someone, readjust. Keep in mind that the mirror is there to help you perfect your form, not to check your makeup or fix your hair.

Be Kind to Your Neighbor

Or, love thy neighborGroup Exercise Etiquette. Say hi. Introduce yourself. If you’re new, ask them for tips and tricks. The friendlier you are with your neighbor, the more fun you’ll have. They’ll be able to help you through the tough parts, or vice versa. Remember, everyone is there to work as a group. Take advantage of that!

Respect the Instructor

This is huge. Avoid cell phone usage or excess conversation during a class. The instructor is there to teach and guide. That’s difficult to do if you aren’t paying attention. The more you pay attention, the easier the class will be. If you’re talking, you may miss an important tip!

Be Positive

This may be the most important one. Your mood will affect the class. It only take ones negative attitude to bring down an entire room. Group exercise is for support! With a positive attitude, you will help create a better atmosphere for your classmates.

If you’re interested in trying a new class at one of our facilities, join now and we’ll waive the joiner’s fee. You could save up to $100!