Nina Floyd has 13 years under Group Excercise Instructor Ninaher belt as a Group Exercise Instructor and her energy is contagious.

“I’ve always loved the atmosphere you can create in a class. I like how I see all different age groups moving and getting excited about moving,” said Nina. “I want them to get excited about a healthy lifestyle.”

And she does. Her classes are electrifying.

“A woman came back to my class after being out for a while,” Nina reminisced. “And she came up to me after and said, Now I remember why I woke up at 5:00am to come here.”

She first became an instructor when the Capital District YMCA – Guilderland Branch was first established.

“When this Y opened, I came and made a lot of friends,” smiled Nina. “One of the instructors was moving and she came up to me and asked if I would like to be a certified as an instructor.”

The rest was history. Nina took the necessary classes and became certified to teach group exercise. Since then, she’s made her mark as one of Guilderland’s favorite instructors.

“I played a lot of sports in high school,” said Nina. “I always loved being part of a team.”

Nina’s love of fitness is an essential part of who she is and she wants others to feel the same as well.

“I would encourage people to try a group exercise class,” said Nina. “They will be happy to stick with it and develop relationships.”

It’s undoubtedly true.

Nina teaches Kickboxing, Insanity, Spin, as well as having instructed Pedaling for Parkinson’s for three years, a program dedicated to improving the quality of life for disease patients and caregivers as well as informing the public and patients about the benefits of exercise after diagnosis.

“The Pedaling for Parkinson’s program is extremely rewarding,” she recalled. “I have one member who has trouble walking into class, but when he gets on the bike and pedals for 45 minutes at 80-90 rpms, he leaves, walks fine, and is so much happier. It’s a really cool thing to be a part of.”

Not only has she affected the lives of her peers, but Nina has also developed a strong sense of community among the people taking her classes.

“We really get to know each other and we look out for each other. We have one participant that spends winters in Florida, so every once in a while he’ll facetime us in class. He’s on a bike in his garage in Florida,” said Nina. “I’ll take the phone around and he’ll visit with evGroup Fitness Instructor Ninaeryone.”

Throughout all these programs, she has made an impact on a multitude of different people. Nina strives to create an environment where people are excited about fitness as well as create a feeling of community.

“I’m so thankful to be a part of it and that I get to make a small difference in their lives.” Nina said. “I try to always remind people to push out the negativity and do the best you can do.”

Nina’s classes are a fun and motivating place to feel a part of a whole. The YMCA invites you to join her in some healthy exercise. Starting something new is never easy but in Nina Floyd’s words, “It’s so much more fun to work-out with people. You don’t have to think. You just get in and do it.”