There is a lot of effort and planning that goes into a gym session. You need to work around your kids and your job, have enough time before your nightly television show and enough time to shower before work, and you want to be able to enjoy your time on the treadmill and you should want others to enjoy theirs as well. Here’s how you can create a happy gym experience for everyone:

Strength TrainingRespect the headphones

While some people love to socialize and make new friendships during their workouts, others like to stay in the zone. Generally, people wear headphones to entertain and to motivate. It’s difficult to get back into the groove after someone tries to make conversation. Think of it like reading a book—it’s easy to lose your place when someone is trying to hold a conversation. If you’re a social butterfly, mingle with those who aren’t wearing any headphones.

Clean up after yourself

If you sweat, that’s great! It means that you’re really working hard and we love that! But be sure to clean up after yourself. You wipe your forehead or your nose then adjust the terrain on the treadmill, be sure to wipe it clean when you’re done. Respect your fellow gym-goers!

Limit your phone use

We know that phones are life. We have an app, we get it. Be sure to respect others. Try not to get other members in your photos without permission and save your phone calls for the hallway. The wellness center is for exercise, not for business calls.

GenYRe-rack the weights

When using our weights, be sure to put them back where you found them. It will save everyone time in the end. You know what they say, be kind, rewind, and others will do the same for you.

Be mindful of the mirrors

The mirrors are there to correct your form—they’re not there for muscle admiration or reapplying your lip gloss.

Have fun

Overall, the gym is a place for you to blow off some steam and have a good time. The more aware we are of others, the happier our time will be together.

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