Charging Up for a Healthy Summer – Healthy Kids Day

Summer is just around the corner and with it children’s break from the routine—mornings spent sleeping in, afternoons spent watching television or playing video games in the cool air conditioning and evenings enjoying a nice ice cream cone before bed. It may sound great, but a summer spent like this can have lasting negative effects.

Kids are less physically active and engaged in learning during the summer months and research shows that children gain weight two to three times faster than during the school year. In addition to that, kids can fall behind academically because they don’t have access to out-of-school learning opportunities.

CDPHP is the exclusive sponsor of Healthy Kids Day at the Capital District YMCA and all of our 10 locations. Both the Capital District YMCA and CDPHP share the common belief that families should be educated in the health and wellness fields and should have every opportunity to put those ideas and beliefs into practice – that’s what Healthy Kids Day is all about!

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