You don’t need huge, wide open fields or a homemade greenhouse to build a sustainable garden. All you need is a little bit of space and dedication!

Whether you’re a gardening pro, or are interesting in getting started, here are a few tips on how to build the perfect urban garden in any space.

urban gardensFind your space

You don’t need a ton—and depending on how many plants you build and the amount of sunlight in your area, you can find alternate ways to use your space. You can hang plants, upcycle and old wood palate, or use cinder blocks to make the most of your space.

Choose your planters

You don’t need to spend money on this—instead, you can upcycle different things around the house. You can use old coffee cans, cinder blocks, milk jugs, etc. But be sure to ensure you have proper drainage by poking holes in the bottoms and adding a few rocks for the roots to grow.

Choose your plants

Based on your location, food preference, and ambition, the plants you choose will be different. Read the back of the packets. Know how much maintenance they require. Know the amount of sunlight necessary and know the best time of year to plant your seeds. This can vary depending on what you choose!

urban gardeningLabel your plants

You might think you’ll remember what is what, but it can get confusing quickly. Be sure you label each of your plants so you can properly maintain them. This can be done with a sticker, Popsicle stick, rock, or anything else you have around the house! Just know what is what!

Water regularly

It’s no surprise that plants need water to grow, but they also need water on a regular basis. Set an alarm on your phone or make it part of your daily cup of coffee. Make time to love and care for your plants.