This is a great opportunity to teach your children about our history and the sacrifice and dedication of our veterans. There are simple, creative, and fun ways to celebrate and education your children:

Write ‘Thank You’ Cards

Whether they’re for someone you know, or for veterans worldwide, have them say thank you. Hand-written cards go a long way.

Take Them to Meet a Veteranvet-card

There are a ton of events in the area—including parades and ceremonies. Having your child meet a veteran in person will make the holiday a little more meaningful. It’s easier to understand a complex situation when you can visualize it. Once they see a veteran who actually served our country, it will help them understand the importance of their roles.

Create a Timeline of Events Using People They Know

Teaching history, especially military history, to a younger child can be a huge undertaking. If you have friends or family who served in the military, use them as an example. Add a photo of your grandparents and great-grandparents to past wars, leading up to their uncle who is currently overseas.

Veterans DayHost a Care Package Party

This holiday isn’t all about thanking those who served in the past, but it’s about honoring those who are currently serving. Have your child and their friends bring food, books, magazines, and other handy items that active duty servicemen would be happy to get. Add your personalized thank you cards and send them off!

Make Veterans Themed Crafts

For younger kids, this is a great way to explain the concept of nationalism. Make American flags and liberty bells while telling fun stories from our history.

Make a ‘Thank You’ Video

With the internet, you can reach people all over the world. Once your child understands the importance of the holiday, have them thank a veteran in a video. Have them explain what Veterans Day means to them and how they’re thankful for our troops.