How to Keep Your Child Active, Even if They Hate Exercise

Many kids (like adults) dislike the act of exercising. With the rise of technology, kids have less and less reasons to get out to be physically fit. How do you get the screens away from the kids and make exercise more appealing? Here are a few tips.

Walk the Dog

If you have a dog, try to avoid letting them out in the backyard. Instead, find a local trail or path to walk the dog. Make it a daily family affair dog? No problem.

Track Family Progress

If you’re a family that thrives on competitions, make weekly or monthly competitions with a prize! Track your families progress in a common place, like the kitchen or living room. Not into competition? Make family goals! If your family meets those goals, do something special! This will entice your child to continue their physical activity!

Invite Friends or Family

Events are always more fun in a group. Go for a family hike, invite your child’s best friend to go kayaking, etc. If it’s raining, take them to a trampoline park or an indoor pool at the Y!

Let Them Choose the Activity

The freedom of choice can make your child more excited about an activity. It can feel less like a chore, and more like a success, leaving them more likely to make it a habit!

Try a Community Event

The YMCA often hosts kids fun runs, triathlons, and bounce nights! These are all designed to keep your child active and moving!

Center it Around Fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. If an event is fun, your child will be more likely to continue the habit.