The Winter can be a very exciting, and very busy. Holiday parties, dinners and events take up a lot of time, leaving people to push healthy choices and exercise to the side. Finding motivation to exercise and stay healthy can be hard, but these tips will help you continue to make healthy decisions during the weather.

Resist Carbs

I know when it gets cold, carbs are the first thing that come to mind for dinner options. Comfort foods lead to a higher serotonin level, convincing your brain that you are happier after indulging. Try eating a protein filled diet to warn off those cravings.

Get Outside

Often, given the weather, exercise is sacrificed for warm nights spent indoors on the couch. Instead, try going on walks to see the pretty holiday lights, or even playing in the snow. 

Use Spices

With the cold weather, it gets easier to get sick. Cooking with spices is shown to help improve the immune system. Not only does it make your dishes taste better, but it helps you fight against germs!

Incorporate Mushrooms In Recipes

Mushrooms have many naturally occurring antibiotics, which help fight against illness. Make sure to pick some up on your next visit to the grocery store!