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ICAN is a partnership between the Bethlehem YMCA and Bethlehem Central School District. ICAN is an academic, social development, and physical fitness training camp for high school students who are struggling with their academics, fitness, and/or self-confidence.

Students will go through an eight-week journey of individual challenges and growth – focusing on academic skills, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices, character, and team building opportunities.

ICAN is unique in that its objective is for the students and adults to completely rethink the way they perceive themselves and their education. Minds, bodies, and perceptions will be challenged. Students and adults will leave more confident, stronger, and trusting of themselves and others. They will be better prepared to make smarter, healthier decisions – and lead better lives.

For more information on the ICAN program, contact the Bethlehem YMCA at 518.439.4394.