About 10% of the world’s population is left handed. Lefty’s usually feel seclusion when it comes to sitting at a desk at school, picking out school supplies, picking a glove for baseball, and trying to find a musical instrument. Most companies have made left-handed products for the few and far in between. To celebrate Left Hander’s Day, here’s a list of famous left handed people!

Albert Einstein
Bill Gates
Barack Obama
Paul McCartney
Jimi Hendrix
Oprah Winfrey
Babe Ruth
Napoleon Bonaparte
Leonardo da Vinci
Marie Curie

Asian boy holding a finger on white background.


If you’re ever feeling like the only southpaw in your family, friends, or class; just remember that you’re not the only one! 10% of the population is still a significant amount of people and you may end up just as successful as any of these people!