Locker rooms can be a tricky place. Some people are more comfortable than others. It’s great that you’re comfortable with your body and aren’t bothered by changing in the locker room, but it’s also important to recognize that others might not be as comfortable with it. To help, we’ve come up with a few tips that work for everyone.

locker room etiquetteDon’t Dilly Dally

Basically, get in and get out. Walk in, change, do your thing and get out. At some points during the day, the locker rooms are busting with people. It’s not a social hour—some people are in a rush and need to move quickly. It’s hard to do when the room is filled with conversations.

Be Mindful of Your Shower Time

20 minute showers are generally frowned upon at the gym. The showers are in high demand. People are rinsing off before using the pool and they’re showering after a workout. Do what you have to do and pass your shower on to the next person.

Avoid Your Phone

Phones are a no-no in the locker room. Don’t talk on your phone. Don’t answer a call or initiate one. Don’t text, Snapchat, or take a post-workout selfie. Locker rooms are a safe space. Respect that.

Dry Off

Whether you’re getting out of the shower or coming in from the pool, try not to leave a trail of water behind. It’s dangerous.

locker room etiquetteBe Aware of Your Surroundings

We all know the one person at the gym who takes up the entire bench and multiple lockers every time they’re in there. This is a communal space. Recognize when it’s busy and when people are around you. Try to give them an equal amount of space.

Go Easy on Sprays

This means hairspray, perfume, and spray-on deodorant. The people around you may have allergies or be sensitive to those scents. Locker rooms are a lot of people stuffed into a small space and sprays travel far.

Keep Conversations to a Minimum

You don’t need to shout across the room to your friend while she tells you about her weekend plans and you don’t need to share personal information with the people around you. If you know the people in the locker room with you, that’s great! Say hi, move on and take your conversation out into the lobby.


Locker rooms are a safe space. Be respectful.