Meet Camp Counselor: Morgan Di Sarno

Morgan is starting her fifth year as a counselor at our Southern Saratoga location! She’s ready to get started and have the best summer ever!

What do you like about working at camp?

I like the interaction with the children during the summer camp day. Interaction with the children include going on field trips , playing outdoor sports and games, and swimming with them at the Y pool is all of the activities I enjoy doing with the children throughout the summer camp day.

Summer Camp is important because…

Summer camp gives the children fun activities and adventures to go on throughout the summer with the staff and the friends they make at camp.These activities help them grow as individuals and they get to create life long friends along the way.

Finish this sentence: Because of the Y…

I have gained extensive knowledge on how to properly watch over and take care of children.The Y has taught me valuable skills, good worth ethics that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my life.

What do you do outside of the Y?

I am on a cheer team at college. I am also in an Architecture Club called AIAS at college. I love to do crafts and everything that has to do with art. I love to workout and hike. I travel as often as I can.

What excites you the most about this summer?

Being able to reunite with the children and have the best summer ever!