Meet Camp Counselor: Paige Palmateer

Paige is starting her third year as a counselor at our Greene County location! She’s ready to get started and have the best summer ever!

What do you like about working at camp?

I have a passion for working with children and serving as a positive role model in their lives.

Summer Camp is important because…

Children get the opportunity develop a sense of leadership and make new friends in a fun, safe environment away from home.

Finish this sentence: Because of the Y…

I have had the ability to develop my leadership skills and become a positive role model for the children while providing a safe and fun environment. I have also had the opportunity to watch the kids grow, develop their personalities, and learn new skills throughout my summers working at the Y.

What do you do outside of the Y?

I am a member of the Cardinalette Kickline team at college and I also love to bake, hike, and stay active!

What excites you the most about this summer?

I am looking forward to the new structure of camp as well as the new activities for the children. I am also looking forward to using my Lifeguard and Swim Instructor certifications to teach the children how to swim. This was one of my favorite summer activities as a kid and I enjoy having the ability to create the same memories for the children.