Russ has been a member of the YMCA since the 90’s, when the Y first started! Originally, he joined because of a new karate program and he wanted to be involved with teaching kids karate.

Russ has been active his whole life and enjoys working out; however, he continues to come back to the Southern Saratoga YMCA because of the friendly, accommodating, comforting atmosphere and staff members.

“They accommodate all abilities, all ages,” Russ said. “You don’t ever feel uncomfortable no matter what your level is and I think that’s probably real key to a success and why I continue to come.”

His favorite thing to do at the Y is using the weight machines and aerobics equipment. However, what makes the Southern Saratoga YMCA unique, according to Russ, are the staff members.

“Nobody intimidates you,” Russ said. “Everybody really goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable; they really go above and beyond what needs to be done to see that they meet your needs.”