Happy National Day of Encouragement!

On August 22, 2007 in Searcy, Arkansas, Harding University’s Encouragement Foundation came up with this idea for the first time to get people to take part in a day of encouragement.

Originally, the Governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe signed a proclamation in September to make this day of September 12 a day of encouragement for the state of Arkansas. Eventually, President George W. Bush signed a message making September 12th the official National Day of Encouragement!

At the Y, we encourage people to participate in a healthy lifestyle, especially with our personal trainers at our many branches. At the Y, we create a comfortable environment where you’re encouraged to take the road to a healthy lifestyle, rather than forced. The community we create at the Y will encourage you to get involved in events like Running Start or Circle of Champs.

Today is a special day dedicated to spreading positivity and sending out happiness into the lives of the people around us. There are so many different ways to provide someone with encouragement- you can offer someone inspiration if they’re down, give out a compliment, provide advice to a friend, send a smile to a stranger or even just a simple high five to a coworker walking by.

Any way you choose to send out encouragement today, you will be able to make someones day a little better and a little brighter.

Have you offered anyone encouragement today?

Thumbs up shown by a happy young boy