Whether you are a lazy mom, or just aspire to have a day off and become a lazy mom, Lazy Mom’s Day could be right up your street. Even on Mother’s Day, moms across the world cook, clean, and 02G18055generally work hard to keep their households functioning. On Lazy Mom’s Day, moms are encouraged to relax, take a back seat, and simply be lazy. Moms of all types are encourage to step back and relax today! Sleep in, read a book, binge watch Netflix, or have food brought to you in bed. Sounds like a cozy movie montage!


Come to the Y! Get your workout in! Go to one of our many aerobics classes, go swimming in our pool, or hit the gym! Or you could take the more relaxing route and go to one of our many branches that have either a sauna or steam room and just really wind down! There’s no better way to get out of the house and away from responsibilities for a little while.

Check out our branch schedules here for classes!

Check out which of our branches have saunas/steam rooms!

Enjoy your day off, moms!