970368_523038284457922_1694543476_nNational Unity Day is a campaign to put an end to bullying in the United States and is part of National Bullying Prevention Month. It was first started in 2011, where people from all over the country in different communities would wear orange or display orange as a commemorative gesture. The campaign was supported by corporations including: CustomInk, Disney, Facebook, Instagram, and the TLC network.

Cyber-bullying has become a huge problem in this ever-changing technological society. There are millions of people sharing their ideas online everyday, and when people don’t like certain ideas they tend to lash out. Don’t be a part of that problem. If you see someone getting harassed or bullied online, report it to the social network. Most social networks now have a team of people who protect accounts or shutdown the ones who are being hurtful.

The Capital District Y supports this campaign to end bullying in all parts of our community. Everyone is different and shouldn’t be shamed for simply being themselves. Wear orange to raise awareness of bullying and the need for it to come to an end. Stand together against the bullies of the world, have no fear. Promote kindness, inclusion, and acceptance of everyone today. How will you do that?