National Wellness Month 2021

Wellness is a big word with a big meaning. It can mean physical wellness, mental wellness, health wellness, and more! This month, we want to help you focus on your overall well-being. To help, we’ve compiled a list of resources broken down by wellness area:

Physical Wellness

5 Steps to Improve Physical Health – United Way

5 Key Aspects of Physical Wellness – Resources to Recover

YMCA 360 – A series of fitness videos to energize the body and the mind

Spiritual Wellness

7 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Spiritual Well-being – Psychreg

10 Activities to Improve Spiritual Wellness – Crate Joy

Guided Meditations on YMCA 360 – Free for YMCA members

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Toolkit – National Institutes of Health

10 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health – Everyday Health

6 Concrete Ways to Improve Your Emotional Health – Psychology Today

Social Wellness

Social Wellness Toolkit – National Institutes of Health

How to Improve Your Social Wellness – Sharyn Munro

How to Improve Social Health – Community Access Network

Intellectual Wellness

17 Tops to Brain Fitness – Brain Hackers

Intellectual Wellness – UNH

8 Simple Steps to Increase Your Intellectual Wellness – Illinois State

Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness – Spokane

Tips for Improving Occupational Wellness – Salisbury University

Occupational Wellness – Kean University