This is the time of the year for making New Year’s resolutions and getting  gym memberships. This typically plays out in one of two ways. You either never visit the gym, or your visits begin to dwindle  three months in. There are methods you can easily implement in your life to keep yourself motivated and fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

Make Realistic Goals

You may have heard before that making ‘realistic’ goals is the best way but in this case you should create important goals not just easily attainable ones. Concentrate on goals that mean something to you.

Make Short-Term Goals

People often establish big picture goals that they can accomplish in
a year. During the 365 days you can easily lose your motivation to accomplish your goals. A great way to keep progressing throughout the year while working towards your big goal is to create and achieve smaller ones. These are goals you can achieve in a month or even within a week’s time!

If you are looking to lose 50 pounds that can be considered a big picture goal. You can lose about one pound per week and accomplish your goal in a year. While working towards this you can also attend a group exercise class you’ve been pushing off, or try a sport that you never have before or maybe even give yourself a day of rest if you’ve been over doing it especially after the holiday season. Hitting a goal on a weekly basis keeps you motivated and keeps you on track to hit your big target over time.

Write It Down

Write each goal that you have down on paper with an explanation of why this goal matters to you. Seeing your goals in writing has a larger impact than saying them to yourself or to your friends. Also, when you’re feeling a lull in your motivation and you are able to look back at your written goals and see why it’s important to you, it reignites your fire to achieve it. Keep this in a journal or notebook and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day – your night stand, coffee table, kitchen counter, passenger car seat.

Find A Friend

Exercising or trying something new is often less intimidating when you have a friend by your side. Make your friend aware of your goals—both big picture and small. Encourage them to do the same with you. Doing this holds both of you accountable to what you are aiming to achieve. Giving strength to a friend when they are experiencing moments of apathy also gives you the same benefit! If you refer a friend to the Y you can both save 20% on your membership!