It’s Ice Cream Day!

Who doesn’t enjoy this delicious treat from time-to-time, especially during summer? However, when trying to keep weight off and stay healthy, ice cream is the treat to avoid, right? Well…maybe not. What if there’s an ice cream that, after scraping the remains from your bowl, will leave you feeling satisfied, energized, light and even healthier than before you started eating it. You may be thinking that’s not possible. Just wait and see.

Let’s discover a creamy ice cream with just one ingredient (yes, that’s right — one ingredient) that we can make at home with our families.

Turns out, if you freeze bananas until hard, then add to your food processor or blender, they becomes this creamy, delicious, custardy, gooey treat that you can enjoy all hours of the day without ever feeling guilty!

Banana “Nice” Cream

FullyRawKristina’s Banana “Nice” Cream Recipe


  • 8-9 Frozen, ripe bananas
  • 1-2 cups of sliced berries (optional)
  • Dates (if you desire a sweeter taste)


  • Add frozen fruit to food processor or high-speed blender
  • Blend and scrape, blend and scrape until fruit reaches desired, ice cream-like consistency
  • Once consistency is reached, add healthy toppings (yes, why ruin it now?!) and pulse a few more times

Topping ideas:

Chopped nuts, peanut butter (or other nut butter), coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips, fresh berries, honey, cocoa powder or cinnamon

Have you discovered the magic of “nice” cream? If so, visit our National Ice Cream Day discussion on Facebook and share your favorite recipe. How did it turn out? We’re feeling healthier already!

Happy  Ice (“Nice”) Cream Day, everyone!