Pilates Is For Everyone

The Pilates Method of body conditioning was developed by Joseph Pilates and involves a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Pilates exercises are done on a mat or using special Pilates apparatus with springs that create resistance to tone and shape your body. The benefits of Pilates include increased core strength and stability, improved posture and flexibility, longer leaner muscles and a strong mind/body connection.


Class Descriptions

Private Sessions

Our one-on-one personal training session incorporates the Pilates mat and apparatus exercises into the workout. You will learn proper form and technique which will guide you to success and great results.

Duet Session

Once you feel successful in your private sessions, you can try Pilates with a partner. This gives you the opportunity to share the cost of the session. (Available upon completion on 6 private sessions)

We Also Offer Trio Session

You can come with two friends and share the cost of the session together. (Available upon completion of 6 private sessions)

Tower Classes

Tower classes are taught using the tower apparatus with spring attachments. We also incorporate Pilates mat exercises into this workout. Tower classes are taught in small groups, with three people in each class. (Available upon completion of 6 private session or 10 mat classes)


Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Schedule your FREE 1/2 hour Pilates demo today, open to our Full Members.
  2. We suggest that you start with 6-10 private sessions to learn the fundamentals of Pilates in a one-on-one setting.
  3. Try a FREE Pilates mat class, offered in our aerobic studio to our Full Members.


Session Rates

All Pilates sessions and classes are one hour. Pilates personal training and tower classes are available to Full Members and are also offered to Community Members.

Our session rates for Full Members and Community Members include:






Mat Classes

Mat classes are offered in our aerobic studio. Please ask for the latest schedule at our front desk. Please note that Mat classes are available to Full Members, and the cost for there classes is included with your Full Membership.

General Information

Instructor Certifications

  • Our Pilates Personal Trainers are trained and certified by Power Pilates.
  • We honor the classical Pilates method and are committed to giving you a safe and effective Pilates experience.

Where Should I Go for My Session?

  • Pilates Personal Training sessions are Tower classes are held in our on-site Mind/Body studio.

What Should I Wear to My Session?

  • Please wear comfortable, fitted athletic clothing appropriate for exercise.
  • Pilates is performed barefooted. Socks are optional. We will ask you to remove your shoes in the Mind/Body studio.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions?

  • Our front desk staff can provide information about our rates and class schedules.
  • For additional information, or to make an appointment, please contact:
    • Gina LaViolette
      Wellness Director
      518-371-2139 x 5540


Please cancel twenty-four hours in advance. If we have not received your cancellation twenty-four hours ahead of your session or class, you will be charged the regular rate. Thank you for your kind consideration.