Advanced Group Exercise Classes

The Capital District YMCA’s Level 3, or Advanced Classes are perfect for anyone looking for an intense workout challenge.

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A high intensity, full body workout incorporating core training, pyramid drills, kickboxing, interval training, power/ speed/ agility drills, and strength training exercises.  Both the deep and shallow depths will be utilized. Flotation belts will be provided for the deep end. (Level II, III)


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves to the water. The class will offer short intense anaerobic exercises alternating with less-intense recovery periods. (All Levels)

AWESOME ABS (15 min)

Blast your abs with a 15 minute high intensity core workout. (All Levels)

Baptiste Inspired Power Vinyasa Yoga

Baptiste inspired challenging flow class designed to transform and revive body and spirit by linking movement and breath to detoxify the body.  Build strength, stamina and flexibility while renewing and recharging your mental batteries through the steady rhythm of the practice. (Level III)


A ballet inspired athletic workout that fuses techniques from Pilates, dance and yoga. A perfect combination of strength and flexibility for all levels. (All Levels)


A weight training class that challenges all of your major muscle groups through the use of a variable weight barbell. (All Levels)



A high-intensity class that will condition your entire body, utilizing your own bodyweight as resistance.  Each circuit blends traditional calisthenics with upper/lower body exercises.  The class concludes with core exercises and stretching. (Levels II, III)


BODYSHRED™ is a high intensity workout broken down into several blocks of work including 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of core work.  The workout is fast paced with no breaks!  NOTE: Due to the intensity of BODYSHRED™, this class is not designed for those who are new to exercise.  This class is geared towards the individual who regularly participates in classes or workouts of a higher intensity or include athletic conditioning drills.  There are no breaks or modifications given.  (Level III)


Bokwa® participants move to today’s most popular music using easy to follow dance moves based on the shapes of letters and numbers. (All Levels)



An upper body focused sculpting class that will shape, tone and define your body in such a way that brings results. Hand weights, body bars, tubing and the usual props will be the tools of your trade. (All levels)


Core strength exercises combined with cardiovascular intervals. (Levels II, III)


Drums Alive® is a cardiovascular workout full of motivating music and drumming rhythms that will get your feet stomping and your body moving! (All Levels)


Test your endurance with this combo swim strokes and aqua aerobics moves. (Levels II, III)


Choreographed patterns of both high and low impact aerobics will give you the ultimate calorie burning workout. Energetic music and movement will challenge and motivate you (All levels)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. (Levels II, III)


In Insanity®, each “work” interval lasts several minutes and involves body-weight exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and your cardiovascular system. Each work interval is followed by a 30 second rest allowing you to re-hydrate and recover. Your certified Insanity® instructor will coach and modify exercises to create a safe workout that matches your ability level.  (Level III)


Increase cardio fitness and muscular strength and endurance through progression training, building upon a base exercise and transforming it to a compound movement. A true test of strength for your entire body!  (Level III)


Nia is a holistic fitness program that challenges your body, mind and spirit by fusing the martial arts, healing arts and dance. Set to diverse music, Nia provides a great cardiovascular workout and increases your strength, flexibility, mobility and agility. (ALL LEVELS)


This fast-paced circuit style class will use a variety of functional training equipment.  The class is high energy and mirrors life and sport as you meet challenge and unpredictability head on.  Embrace high intensity as you push yourself “Out of Bounds!” (Level III)


Exercises in this class are based upon strengthening the “core”. This class integrates breathing, flexibility, strength, and body awareness to lengthen, define and sculpt muscles. (Level II, III)


A class with a focus on strength and body sculpting. Various weights and strength training equipment will be used. (Level II, III)

Power Yoga

A vigorous vinyasa class which links breath and movement into a continuous dynamic flow of yoga poses. It is a fast paced and challenging workout that focuses on building strength and flexibility ending with a brief relaxation.  (Level III)


Strengthen, tone, and shape your lower body and abdominals. A variety of equipment and exercises will be incorporated to specifically target your abdominals, legs, hips and thighs. (Level II, III)


A high energy cardio fitness workout based on martial arts and boxing movements. This class may include intervals of strength conditioning. (Level II, III)


Spinning®/Cycling is an indoor group cycling class. This class will challenge your cardiovascular fitness, but remains low impact. (Level II, III)


Is a daring & dynamic conditioning experience. Tabata training is (20) seconds of high intensity training followed by (10) seconds of rest and then going back to (20) seconds of incredible effort and back to (10) seconds of rest, etc. It is a higher intensity class please come prepared to work and sweat!! (Levels II & III)


Tabata Barre will combine the amazing benefits and timing of Tabata with the use of barre moves, hand weights, light balls, Pilates core work and more.  (All Levels)


This athletic aqua class combines cardiovascular exercise, resistance and core strength exercises in a circuit for a full body workout. (All Levels)



This class is a high intensity cardio/muscle conditioning course.  It incorporates sports agility and military boot camp type moves.  If weather permits, you might even be outside! (Level III)


The original Zumba® dance-fitness class with the additional of light weight toning sticks or dumbells. This class is assured to provide the participant with a safe and effective, re-defining total body workout! (All Levels)


This class fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow choreographed moves to create a high energy dance based cardio workout. (All Levels)