Did you know that almost 90% of what we throw away could probably be recycled or composted? Landfills are the largest source of human-caused greenhouse gas that’s far more powerful than carbon dioxide. In honor of America Recycles Day, here is a complete list of what you can and cannot recycle:

America Recycles DayPaper

This includes all office paper, white paper, colored paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, catalogs, folders, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, un-waxed food packages, milk cartons, soft-cover books, coffee cups, and shredded paper. What can’t you recycle? Napkins, tissue paper, paper towels, wax paper, wrapping paper, and any paper contained with bodily fluids.


If you break down your boxes, you can recycle pizza boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, cereal boxes, and other cardboard boxes. You can’t recycle cardboard lined with plastic or waterproof cardboard.


As long as you rinse everything that once had food in it, you can recycle all metal and tin drink containers, food containers, aluminum foil, take-out containers, pie plates, and kitchen cookware. You cannot recycle motor oil cans, metal and cardboard containers, and paint cans.


Again, as long as you wash out each item that once had food in it, you can recycle all glass bottles and jars, clear glass, brown glass, blue glass, food containers, and beer and wine bottles. In addition, you can sign up for a CLYNK account at Hannaford and proceeds will go to our Black and Latino Achievers program. What can’t you recycle? Light bulbs, mirror glass, ceramic, and crystal.


You can recycle all plastic numbers 1-7 (These are generally found on the bottom of the item), food and beverage containers, screw top jars, deli containers, plastic cups, milk jugs, soap bottles, grocery bags, soda bottles, and laundry jugs. You can’t recycle Ziploc bags, plastic silverware, or Styrofoam containers.

CDsAmerica Recycles Day

These are recycled differently—you need to find an acceptable location near you.

Inkjet Cartridges

These can be recycles at most Staples or Office Max locations.

Batteries and Cell Phones

Like CDs, these have specific drop-off locations. Find a drop-off location near you!