Week 2: Time for a REFRESH

Maybe your kitchen has turned into the food-court at the county fairgrounds? Deep fried treat in one booth, sugary drink in the next, and top it off with a processed piece of something at the last stop?

Maybe your car has become the 5-star dining experience from another dimension? Where dim lights and cloth napkins are replaced with ordering meals by illuminated numbers and delicately squeezing sauce packets on one knee while ripping off a straw wrapper with your pearly whites?

The fuel we put in our bodies is a choice, and, unlike at a real fuel pump, the options are many.

This week, we will REFRESH our lives; learning tools to manage the balance between stress, convenience, and healthy choices.

Online or at Home

  • “Eat the rainbow” Minimum 2-3 fruit and veggie servings
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water daily
  • Shop fresh, avoid processed food (no take out)
  • Five days with 30 minutes of physical activity
  • Try our On-Demand fitness videos
  • Try an online Live Fitness class

Strong Mindfulness

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