Sustaining Campaign 2021

From the moment the COVID-19 pandemic struck our area, your Capital District YMCA has been stepping up – repeatedly answering the call from our community.

Food Programs and Partnerships – Most recently, our staff, members and volunteers provided Thanksgiving baskets to feed more than 3,600 people. This in addition to distributing more than 600,000 pounds of food since March.

Supporting Our Children – When essential workers needed our help, we provided childcare, welcoming, more than 1,600 children.

Building Health and Wellness – We’ve developed a gallery of virtual videos and are now offering a host of live virtual classes that help vulnerable seniors, those working from home, and those with underlying health issues to better care for their critical physical and mental health.

Racial Equity and Inclusion – We are continuing to provide safe space and progressive programming to pave the way for at-risk youth.

No one has ever been turned away. When people are in need, your YMCA responds.

Now – we need you! In fact, the Y’s survival depends on it.

The effects of the pandemic have been devastating to the YMCA. Last year, our association recorded almost 2 million member visits. Today, the branches we have been able to open are operating at a fraction of the capacity we need to keep going. Plus, to date, the YMCA has not been considered for government assistance.

Despite all that, we remain committed to meeting the needs of our community. In the coming months, we expect significant increases in the number of children, adults and families needing YMCA programs, services and financial assistance. To meet these needs, we need your help.

Our Sustaining the YMCA Campaign goal is $3 million dollars. 100% of every dollar you give to the Campaign will support YMCA programs that benefit our community.

Please give as generously as you can. Now, more than ever, your gift can make a direct impact on someone in your community.

Help us keep the Y strong. We are, as always, better together.