We provide safe, welcoming spaces for all, from all walks of life. How? We show up at community events, we meet with community leaders, and we embrace the rich diversity of our community. We offer programs designed to bring our community together, such as our Togetherhood® program, which fosters volunteerism in every community where we serve.

Running Start

Every child deserves to start the school year feeling confident and ready to learn. That’s why we offer Running Start, a program that helps children in the Guilderland School District by providing much needed school supplies, backpacks, and new clothes for them to wear.

Your support helps each child build a sense of self-worth and confidence as they begin the school year.

Circle of Champs

This unique program focuses on family fun for families with a child who has a life-threatening illness.

Much more than all the free events we line up for families each year, this program lets children, siblings, and parents focus on fun time together, rather than the next doctor’s appointment or procedure.

Help us reach our goal of serving 100 families in the Capital District.


Better Together, We’re Building a Stronger Community.

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