We nurture the potential in every child. How? We work diligently to instill the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in every child in our care.


Your support helps infants develop trust, pre-schoolers learn about their world, and school-age students build a positive view of their self-worth and the value of teamwork. We also offer programs like Operation Y Fit Kid which teaches children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Children learn about nutrition and enjoy 30 minutes of play-based activities each day that make physical fitness fun. Together, we’re helping children develop into caring and healthy young adults.

Summer Camp

Camp is all about having fun, and so much more.

With your help, children get to experience the joy of summer camp, making new friends, and learning all sorts of fun new things. In our care, children are able to focus on summer fun, rather than worrying about who will care for them when their parents are at work. In our care, children gain confidence and build self-esteem.

Most of all, we help children embrace the value of caring about themselves and others.

Teen Programs

Students in middle and high school are embracing the value of making a positive difference in our community because of programs such as Youth & Government, which helps students learn about improving our community by using the legislative process to address issues they identify and then work to solve.

Caring adult mentors are helping teens develop the life skills they need to become successful in high school and beyond. Through a variety of educational and business experiences, students in our Black & Latino Achievers program are developing critical leadership, career readiness, and college preparation experience.

We’re dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for teens. Through our Saturday Night Live middle school program, teens enjoy evenings filled with fun recreational games, cultural activities, art programs, community service projects and group learning!

Safety Around Water

Every day, we provide children with critically needed water safety skills. For children 1 to 14 years old, fatal drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death.

With your help, we’re providing swim instruction to children and adults from diverse backgrounds and communities. Many of these children and adults are only learning these skills because of the Y’s commitment.

Better Together, We’re Building a Stronger Community.


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