For many, a bountiful Thanksgiving feast marks the beginning of what may lead up to several pounds of holiday weight gain. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, delicious sweets and treats are plentiful and available, more so than at any other time of the year.

If you’re concerned about gaining unwanted pounds, these simple steps may help you maintain and not gain through the holiday season.

  • Don’t skip breakfast in an attempt to bank your calories for your holiday meal. Banking calories for BIG meals can leave you hungry which will more likely lead to overeating.
  • Snack on healthy appetizers such as a fruit platter or veggie tray.
  • Choosing a smaller plate will help with portion control and could reduce your caloric intake by 20%
  • Eating your meals slowly avoids overeating. Take time to chew your food and savor the flavor of every bite.
  • Drinking water throughout your meal will not only help keep you hydrated, it will give you a sense of being full.
  • If you choose to sample every dish, remember moderation is key. Do your best to avoid second helpings.

Move around and avoid sitting after you finish your meal, chose instead to take a walk or jog. An hour long moderate walk or a leisurely run can burn between 300-600 calories.