Breast cancer is an extremely malevolent disease that affects one in eight women nationwide. This is a large group of people whose entire lives have been affected by this disease. Thanks to global fundraising efforts, there are currently over 2.8 million breast cancer survivors alive in the United States today. Here’s how you can help:


Breast Cancer Awareness There are a number of organizations that raise money for breast cancer research. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is the leading organization for breast cancer research. Through the foundation, you can donate, create a memorial, tribute, legacy, and more!

Wear Pink

No act is too small. Wearing pink raises awareness. Wearing pink shows support. And most of all, wearing pink creates a sense of unity. Those who have experienced the life changing effect breast cancer can have will know they have a support system. By wearing pink, we all stand together.

Participate in a Cause

Join us at the Guilderland YMCA from Monday, October 10th through the 14th to help raise money for breast cancer research by participating in an epic push-up challenge! Anyone can participate! The goal is for us, as a community, to reach 15,000 push-ups! Wall, knee, and other push-up variations are allowed.

If push-ups aren’t your thing, stYMCA Breast Cancer Awareness Walkop by the Southern Saratoga YMCA on Thursday, October 13th at 11:30am for a quick one mile walk. Wear pink and show your support for the community and help combat breast cancer.

Get a Pink Streak

Think pink with a streak. Mix up your fall style by adding a hot pink hair extension in exchange for a $10 donation to breast cancer research. Interested? Pop into the Guilderland YMCA on Friday, October 14th for yours! You’ll look great while, at the same time, helping a great cause!

For other information on breast cancer awareness, click here. For updates on more YMCA events near you, check out our events page!