Throughout our Annual Campaign, we fundraise for a number of different aspects of our association—from our teen programs, to after-school programs, and even camp. There is one program that we fundraise for that not only helps children, but helps the entire family. That program is called, Circle of Champs.

You may have heard about Circle of Champs before, but do you know the impact it has on local families?

It’s a support systemCircle of Champs

As a member, families are introduced to a number of other families who are going though similar journeys. We provide free, monthly activities for our families because we appreciate that treating an illness can cause financial challenges. We also offer free memberships to the Y, to give you a fun place to gather and play together with your family.

It’s a place for kids to be kids

Thanks to our Annual Campaign, Circle of Champs kids are welcome to enjoy four-weeks of summer fun at four of our YMCA locations: YMCA Adventure Camp, Southern Saratoga, Greenbush and Bethlehem.

Summer camp is all about having fun while building confidence, self-esteem, welcoming old friends and making new friends! And most importantly, they’re able to return to a sense of normalcy, instead of focusing on their next hospital visit.

It’s a family bonding experienceCircle of Champs

What makes Circle of Champs special is its focus on the needs of each child and that child’s family. We understand that a child’s illness affects the entire family. When a child suffers from a life-threatening illness, siblings can feel overshadowed or left-behind. Through our approach, we work hard to ensure that the entire family is taken care of and gives children and those in their lives the chance to spend fun time together when they need that the most.

It’s a home away from home

As a member of this program, families create bonds with others. The child suffering from an illness has a chance to feel normal and focus on having fun, while the parents have a group of like-minded individuals who are always willing to help. By joining our Circle of Champs program, you are joining a big family.

Please consider donating to our Circle of Champs program so we can continue helping families across the Capital Region.