The hardest part about exercise is the motivation. The key to habitual exercise is through a set routine. It’s like brushing your teeth. You’ve been doing it for so long, you don’t even think twice. You just do it. If you make the gym part of your everyday life, it will become easier and easier to handle.

There are a few things you need to consider when creating your new habit. When do you have free time? When do you go to bed? What time is most convenient for you? Fortunately, there isn’t necessarily a bad time to work out.


Morning RunPros: This is the most stress-free option out there. When you roll out of bed, you have nothing on your mind. Jumping straight into a morning exercise routine can also boost metabolism and lead to a better night’s sleep. It can be a great way to jump-start your day! In addition, studies have shown that morning workout routines are the easiest to stick to. Try taking an early morning yoga or pilates class!

Cons: Snooze buttons exist. It’s easier to skip a workout if your bed is too comfortable and you went to bed later than you anticipated.


Pros: During the afternoon it can be hard to find the time to hit the gym, but if you can get their on your lunch break or a few hours before dinner, this is your best option. Your body is the most flexible when you’re warm—meaning your muscle strength and endurance can peak at this time. In addition, your heart rate is generally the quickest in the afternoon while your blood pressure is at a low. This can lead to an effective, stress free workout.  Try taking an aquatics or weight training class!

TriathalonCons: Afternoon exercise sessions are susceptible to conflicts and lack of willpower. There are many factors that can affect your plans in the afternoon—a meeting could run long, traffic could affect your mood, and late lunches can affect your motivation.


Pros: Exercise is a proven form of stress-release. What a better way to relax from a long day at work than hitting the gym? It’s also easier to find workout buddies in the evening. Grab a friend and try kickboxing, spinning, or Zumba! These are awesome, high-energy workouts that are the perfect outlet for stress release.

Cons: Exercising at night can lower your metabolism and effect your sleep pattern.

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