Job hunting is hard. Whether you’re looking for a part-time position, a full-time position, or helping your teen get into the workforce—the process is long and arduous. The most important question to consider when choosing a job is, Will I like it? Being happy in a position is beneficial for many reasons:

You’ll be more productive.

When you’re working on something you love, it won’t feel like work. You will work more efficiently.

You’ll sleep better.YMCA employees

If you have an unsatisfying or stressful job, it affects your sleeping pattern. You’ll have anxious nightmares, wake up more often, and have an overall poor quality of sleep.

You’ll motivate others.

When you’re enthusiastic and productive at work, others will absorb your energy. If you love your job, your coworkers are more likely to love theirs. It’s the benefit of a positive work environment. You’ll be more likely to help others and compliment their work ethic.

LifeguardsYou’ll look forward to new challenges.

Your job should constantly be changing. The harder you work and the more you accomplish, the more duties you’ll be given. That shows how much your employers value your work ethic. That’s great! The harder you work, the more challenging your work will get.

You’ll be excited to go to work.

You won’t sit at home, brainstorming new ways to get out of work early. You’ll be happy to go in early and leave late. You love your coworkers and your company. You’re happy to spend time there.

Maybe you think that working can never be fun. If that’s the case, then you’ve never worked at a YMCA before. Fortunately, we’re here to help. The Southern Saratoga YMCA is hosting a job fair this Thursday! The event is open to people of all ages and experience levels. Come out and see what we’re all about!