World Humanitarian Day was created by the general assembly of the United Nations to coincide with the 2003 bombing of the United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. This day is to celebrate the humanity of the world and the spirit behind it that creates a community of people driven to help others. The UN wants this day to occur because it will inspire more people to join the cause for humanity and spread this positive message worldwide. “In an effort to build a global sense of momentum, we will call on our Messengers of Humanity to take an important social action on this day and share them on your social networks and amplify the message.” Be on the lookout for social media posts today on how to get involved in humanitarian work!

The Y is a humanitarian organization. We help our local community and we also aid those that are oceans away. Humanity, what brings us together, is stronger than what differentiates us. Working with Y’s abroad, we can expand our perspectives and world views. We can take what we’ve learned from service abroad and apply it to our own community. YMCA-Vietnam Trip March 2014