Brain health is equally as important as physical health. Take time out of your daily routine to give your brain a workout. Exercising your brain can improve your memory, focus, and boost your overall mood. Here are a few things you can do to make your mind sweat:

Take a Cooking Class

Your brain is working the hardest when you’re using all of your senses. Cooking forces all of your senses to work—plus, it pushes you to exercise your memory. In addition, you will learn to cook delicious meals for your family.

Switch Hands

Try using your non-dominant hand every once in a while. It kicks your brain into overdrive and causes you to rethink every move you make. You probably won’t become ambidextrous, but it will make your brain work harder.

Learn a New Sport

Preferably something that exercises both the mind and body, like yoga, tennis, or golf. Each of these sports are good for your brain and for your body!

Take a New Route

Do you take the same way to work every day or take the same route to visit a friend? Switch it up. This will exercise your brain in a different way and takes driving from being a passive activity to an active one!

Read a Book Aloud

It’s difficult to read a book aloud while also absorbing the words that you’re speaking. The more you do it, the more your brain will be able to absorb the material

Start Meditating

Meditation is not only good for your body, but also for your brain. Meditation is more than a relaxation technique, it’s a brain exercise that forces you to work through your issues.

Take up a Creative Hobby

Creativity is a natural antidepressant—when you’re working on a creative activity, whether it’s knitting, writing, or playing Scrabble, you’re calming your brain in a way that’s similar to meditation.