The Youth and Government program serves to educate and enhance the development of middle school and high school age students across the country. Teens are provided the opportunities to use their thoughts, voice, and actions to grow and contribute as productive members of society. Through this process we hope to build socially responsible, civic-minded citizens with strong academic and social interpersonal skills that further theirs, and our future. The program has inspired many young people to enter politics and allied fields such as law and service to others.

Teens who join Youth and Government will further develop the skills and present at the Annual Youth and Government State Conference held at the Capitol through the following paths:

  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Judicial
  • Lobbyist
  • Press

Program Benefits

  • Enhance your public speaking, written and oral communication, and more.
  • Learn the framework of New York State’s government.
  • Successfully draft your own legislation, develop briefs, prepare for lobbying, & more.
  • Meet and learn from public official, attorneys, lobbyists, and advocates.
  • Attend regional, state, and national conferences for FREE or at a reduced cost.
  • Receive Awards and potential scholarships.
  • Receive a YMCA Membership.

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Students standing with Dave Brown and Antonio Delgado