Did you know that the idea that black cats are bad luck isn’t very common? In most countries worldwide, black cats are known as lucky! If you’re wondering where the bad luck stereotype came from, it was around the time of the Middle Ages where people speculated that black cats were associated with witchcraft.

Here are more fun facts about black cats in the spirit of today’s day!

Egyptian, English, Irish, Scottish, Japanese, and Russian culture all view black cats as a sign of good luck if they cross your path. In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from right to left, it’s bad; left to right is good. Fishermen and their wives liked to keep black cats around because they were viewed so highly.

Having an all black coat is a recessive gene. It’s also more common that a black cat will be male than female. Most black cats have a golden yellow eye color as well.

There are around 22 breeds of cat that could possibly have an all black coat. Bombay is the only breed that is exclusively black and has no other color option.

Black cats are better hunters because they’re harder to see at night.



There are great cat adoption areas in the Capital District. Here’s a list of a few in the area!

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (Menands)

Purrfect Companions Inc. (Albany)

The Animal Hostpital (Slingerlands)

Happy Cat Rescue, Inc. (Guilderland Center)

Healthy Pet Center (Troy, Latham, Delmar)

Animal Protective Foundation (Scotia)